Monday, 30 September 2013

Dami Im will win the X-Factor

If anyone thinks Australians are racist they should watch the X-Factor, Channel Seven's reality TV program, and see the overwhelming manner with which locals have embraced the amazing Dami Im, the 24-year-old who migrated to Brisbane from Korea as a child and grew up living with her mother who encouraged her interest in classical music. Im's stage presence has developed over the course of the program from hesitant and apologetic to the point where she confidently occupies the stage, delivering week-on-week stand-out performances to a large studio crowd as well as millions of Australians sitting in their lounge rooms. Those people at home have delivered Im telephone approval rates that have seen her emerge as the strongest contender in the competition.

Each week one contender is knocked out of the running in a sing-off judged by the panel of experts. One singer will go through at the end of the competition to secure a recording contract and sponsorship.

Im's strongly Asian features and slight build belie the legitimacy of her diction and the strength of her voice. From the early stages of the competition I was telling my daughter, who is half Japanese and who was staying with me at the time, that Im was the strongest contender and I think most people who have been exposed to the show had the same idea. Across a range of genres - from rock to soul - Im has delivered clarity, long notes, controlled vibrato, sheer volume, and complete mastery of the material that her mentor, Danii Minogue, has given her. I look forward to adding Im's recordings to those by Australia's current leading singer, Delta Goodrem, in my CD collection.

Im is just awesome.


Anonymous said...

If you think Australians are not racist you are in a dream world. You won't let genuine refugees settle. Kiwis are disenfranchised and are unabled to become citizens even though they meet all requirements. Constant derogatory racist comments about people of different colour are appalling. You were happy to have Russell Crowe when he was celebrated world wide but oops you wont allow him to be a citizen because he is a kiwi. You are hypocrites. The proportion of Aussies in NZ is higher than kiwis in Australia unyet they are give all rights and support.

Open your eyes and face the truth.

Anonymous said...

**AHEM** I'm an Asian woman who found your comment "Im's strongly Asian features" laughable. Please explain what exactly do you mean? And while you're at it, perhaps you could please kindly educate me on what are strong Caucasian, Black, Polynesian etc. features are too?

Im by the way is simply a beautiful and talented woman!!!!

Terry said...

I think race baiting is a high form of racism and very common. People are lost in it and now cannot listen to respectful comments of racial qualities without attacking. Race baiters have done their job by fueling racism while at the same time falsely adopting the high moral ground. The sheeple just follow and get a warm feeling of moral superiority in their tummies while expanding racial tensions into realms where there were none.

So I reject claims of racism in order to resist racism.