Saturday, 5 February 2011

I will not be posting to this blog for the forseeable future. This decision was not taken lightly but is the result of considered reflection over a period of some time. The reason for the indefinite suspension of posting is that I need more time to look after my fitness, which has been neglected in recent years for a variety of reasons, one of which is the daily need to post on the blog. So thanks for reading, if you are a regular. Even irregular readers are due my gratitude. This has been an instructive and rewarding epxerience for a period of almost exactly five years, and I look back on those years with affection. I have honed my writing skills, the blog helped me get my first journalism gig, and it has also assisted in developing an understanding of the nature of the public sphere. So farewell. Until anon. Perhaps.

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Jane Klapp said...

I've enjoyed this blog.

Can I give you a tip? Fitness-wise? If you're going to take up bike riding, don't get yourself a shiny, featherweight, 24 speed, streamlined superduper road cycle.

Purchase a solid, old-fashioned, heavy steel, one-gear roadster. The kind you see on the streets of Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Bombay. Riding one of these up hill and down dale will give you 10 times the work out that a light, fast bike will give you. Your arms and legs will get stronger, your lungs will get stronger, your heart will work harder.

Most importantly, for a person in your profession, you won't be hunched over the handlebars, looking at black tar. You will be able to sit up, watch and interact with the world around you.

Best of luck.