Tuesday, 9 November 2010

On last night's Q and A, the ABC's ever-more-popular panel show which has finished screening for the year (worse luck), right-wing journalist Janet Albrechtsen appeared crisp and up-to-the-minute in a pair of rarefied eyeglasses but I couldn't help thinking that her beef against the Greens - they're "wolves in koala suits" - was, like, so three-years-ago. George Brandis, the Liberal senator, was also on the panel but he seemed more interested in scoring points against the Labor Party's Bill Shorten, who sat the the other end of the counter.

But while Albrechtsen's poised posture and unruffled demeanour is generally quite effective on shows like this and she has appeared from time to time on the panel, her little rant about how "dangerous" the Greens are seemed utterly out-of-date. It's the type of over-hyped scare-mongering we got used to during John Howard's prime minstership when the Greens were a minor party holding about seven percent of the vote. Now that they're scoring up to 14 percent and are currently sharing power in a finely-balanced Parliament, the wind has decidedly shifted. Albrechtsen is still trying-on the old line the Libs used to peddle back in the day. Let's move on, shall we?

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