Saturday, 26 June 2010

The clear skies ahead of Julia Gillard - polls announced this morning show a solid jump in Labor's rating and her own rating as preferred prime minister, and a drop in the Greens' share from 15 percent to eight percent - should spur her on to action on climate change.

The signs couldn't be clearer.

After Kevin Rudd announced he would delay action on climate change until 2012 - a date chosen to coincide with the expiration of the Kyoto agreement, by which time "governments across the globe will need to redefine their carbon reduction commitments", according to an International Business Times story - on 27 April this year, the Greens' share of the vote doubled by early this month. The Greens also attracted 13 percent of the vote in the recent Penrith by-election.

In the latest poll it has dropped back to where it was before Rudd's April announcement.

Pic credit: The Age/Paul Harris.

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