Thursday, 4 February 2010

Like a modern-day Juliet, Kaihana Hussain did everything possible to be near her lover, Ben Brady. The question under consideration right now, in Brisbane, is whether killing her parents is to be included in that simple, harmless word 'everything'.

The jury has heard that Kaihana was caught chatting online with Brady in 2006. Following this revelation, Kaihana told her father that, if necessary, she would convert to Christianity from her native Islam. He said "you will not find me as your father" in that case, the court heard.

"I was very angry," Mr Hussain said.

But the provocation didn't stop there, as 16-year-old Kaihana was found talking long-distance with the 20-year-old Brady. The next day, Kaihana had left Adelaide to visit Brady in Sydney. The father and mother - Mr and Mrs Hussain - travelled to Sydney to fetch their wayward daughter back.

But Dr Hussain said he then gave permission for his daughter to move to Sydney to attend school.

"At that time I accepted that she wanted some more freedom ... but we told her not to be with Ben," he said.

A short time later, Kaihana and her mother travelled to their native Bangladesh for a family wedding and in early October 2006 returned to the Gold Coast where Dr Hussain had re-located the family upon his daughter's request to "start fresh".

Unfortunately, this dream was never to come to pass. Kaihana was adamant about her love for Brady and so, one night, the police arrive to find Mrs Hussain dead from knife wounds and Mr Hussain bleeding from wounds sustained by his daughter's hand - as he contends - or from his own hand - as his daughter contends.

The case certainly appears to be a crime passionnel. Kaihana says that her father killed his wife then injured himself to make it look like Kaihana attacked him. The public prosecutor says that Kaihana attacked her parents because they continually thwarted her desires regarding Brady.

The case continues for three weeks.

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