Sunday, 25 October 2009

I can't understand it. Two leading online news sites - The Courier-Mail and Brisbane Times - from competing corporations run exactly the same AAP story about a Townsville brawl during which two police officers were injured. But the local paper, The Townsville Bulletin, has no coverage at all.

A female constable was "allegedly king-hit" and a male constable "suffered a cut hand".

There's no information about the racial background of the perpetrators, although it sounds to me like it was a group of Aborigines. According to the Brisbane Times:

A 23-year-old man was charged with one count each of assaulting police, obstructing police and public nuisance. He will appear in Townsville Magistrates Court on November 16.

Five other people aged between 18 and 21, were charged with public nuisance.

What astonishes me is that The Townsville Bulletin, which is also a News Ltd masthead, ran nothing about the altercation at all.

UPDATE (26 October 2009): The Townsville Bulletin ran a story today with details in addition to the AAP story of yesterday. Group of people leaving a cruise, in a carpark near Jupiters Casino, were intoxicated and pugnacious. Probably not Aborigines.

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