Monday, 13 October 2008

When are road works on Glebe Point Road going to be finished?

Current status is that traffic from Broadway to St Johns Road is one way uphill. To those who lived or live in the area it’s certainly a puzzle.

For the rest of you, apologies. This post is about an area of personal significance.

Not an unusual claim. Thousands … Nay, tens of thousands, may say the like. In a sense it’s a Sydney thing due to Glebe’s ‘iconic’ status.

Where else can you live in a standalone, stone house within fifteen minutes’ walk of Darling Harbour?

Only Paddington can make a similar claim.

But Paddington’s not fenced off like at a rock show. “One working, three talking,” the shopkeeper said to me.

It’s been a while, clearly.

The cobbled area on Broadway mirrors recent work at Sydney Uni’s Camperdown campus. The grey stone sits well amid overhanging branches poking out from the Moreton bay figs in Victoria Park.

Broadway will never be quiet. It’s a stroke of genius to lay cobbles at the mouth of - what used to be, before King Street took off - one of Sydney’s most popular dining streets.

The European effect is a suitable counterpoint to one of our more unusual suburbs.

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