Sunday, 22 January 2006

Welcome to Happy Antipodean. My first post.

I've recently been looking around the Internet using the vlog map — — a very neat tool, I think, that is well designed to help Web surfers locate good video blogs. There are now many, many video blogs available online, some of which receive posts daily, some once a week, and some less frequently. I've tended to only bookmark those which receive regular posts, since these best maintain the Web surfer's interest. Most of my bookmarks have been for US Sites, although I've yet to get onto Europe. The US has the most vlogs listed on vlogmap, over 400 in fact.

The selection is marvellously entertaining on my 512 kbps connection, even though my download allowance has forced me to do a lot of surfing after 12 a.m. and before 12 p.m., which is the period when my bonus allowance kicks in.

Many vlogs have high production values, and have been produced using video editing software, while others have been uploaded without any editing. Most use music underneath the voice. Some present fictional videos, others documentaries. I've tried to avoid watching and bookmarking videos of pets and religious gatherings, as these are not so compelling for me.

Many vlogs provide links to other vlogs — giving a good way to increase one's list of bookmarks. In the future I may list my own favourites, which of course include the famous Steve Garfield of Boston. My Rocketboom link is actually located among my 'News' bookmarks.

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