Saturday, 26 October 2013

Liberal Party advocates for stupidity

The federal member for Kooyong was on lateline last night advocating for stupidity and it was done in such a knee-jerk fashion that you just KNOW it's official Liberal party policy. Josh Frydenberg, asked about experts linking the recent Blue Mountains bushfires with climate change, puffed himself out to the maximum extent - a phenomenon naturalists have long observed occurring in the species Politician doofuseus when they feel under threat, especially when it happens immediately before they say something particularly stupid - and evacuated his party's policy in this matter, which is to ask people to stop thinking when faced with a crisis.

It was political point-scoring to link the bushfires to climate change - this aimed obviously at the Greens' Adam Bandt, and despite the fact that the main proponent of the thesis works for the UN - and people should not do this "when firefighters are risking their lives", as if Mr and Mrs Goodfolk of Bexley can somehow PROJECT THEIR BRAINWAVES over great distances with the malicious intention of HAMPERING THE HOSEWORK of Marty Grundge struggling in the sooty thickets north of Leura.

I guess that the flight syndrome has to apply here, as in "IT'S AN EMERGENCY, DON'T WRITE AN ESSAY DROP EVERYTHING AND COME WITH ME!" But it's a particularly selfish wish on Frydenberg's part, since it's clearly incumbent on everyone in the broader electorate to use their brains to practical ends. Implying that the bushfires have nothing to do with climate change falls into this category since the Liberals are asking the Greens and the ALP to help them scrap the carbon price legislation the previous government brought in. People HAVE to think about climate change and it's obvious that having severe fires in October is going to make an impact on their aggregated frontal cortexes. Obvious to everyone except Frydenberg and his fellow deniers, who have decided that government is always right, the overwhelming majority of climate scientists globally are wrong, and that YOU SHOULDN'T TALK OUT OF YOUR HAT. Not while the firies are squirting water on nasty embers, anyway.

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