Thursday, 22 August 2013

'Does this guy ever shut up?' asks Tony Abbott

In last night's leaders' debate opposition leader Tony Abbott briefly reverted to his thuggish type when, referring to the prime minister, he asked the audience - many of whom laughed, guffawed and applauded - ''Does this guy ever shut up?'' thus appealing to all the wife-beaters, the cashed-up bogan ice-smoking tradies, the dumb-as-fuck Anglo troglodites, the whacked-out mouth-breathing NRL fans, the narcissistic entitled middle-aged white grandfathers, and the closet pedophiles. By reverting to type, Abbott briefly showed us what he really is: an over-educated goon with zero imagination and absolutely no respect for the office to which he aspires. But we shouldn't be surprised. What's more surprising is that Abbott's minders have managed to keep him on-message and out of trouble for so long. But every now and then - like last night - Abbott slips up and lowers the tone of social discourse to a level with which he - a father of three daughters! - is happiest with: the after-game fly-off-the-rails barbarism of the teenage shoolboy. He's a disgrace to Australia.

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