Sunday, 30 November 2008

The Australian Chinese Daily publishes pornographic material. It's not open to dispute.

This is not material that could concievably be published in a mainstream English daily newspaper in this country. Not even the bad old days of page-three girls competes with it.

On Saturday 29 November 2008, page 69, for example, in the 'Adult Entertainment' section we find this piece of eroticism.


The woman is groaning happily. Her legs are jerking in quick spasms. The cunt juice is coming from her cunt continuously and heavily. She starts shouting "Fast, fast! I want you. Again. Fucking fast!"

She feels that I do not understand my purpose. As I do not have further action, she forces me to use my mouth to lick her cunt. "Oh, my darling! Fast, fast, fast, fast. It's so good. I want your baby to go into my cunt and my body. Fast, fast!"

I haven't realized what I've done, but my legs get soft. Now she is sitting on my legs and uses her mouth to lick my penis and I feel like she swallows my penis. It seems like she's licking a sausage. She's sucking my cock happily and makes noise. I start groaning and squeezing her breasts and rub heavily. I'm waiting for her next action. She uses her mouth to suck my cock up and down, up and down, up and down. And it gets fast. She's playing with my cock with her mouth, up and down several hundred times.

I feel so comfortable and my cock is very hot and very hard. My cock is shaking with her rhythm, continually. Suddenly, she stops sucking and my cock is up very straight. At this time, she opens her legs slowly and sits on my body. Then she uses her hand to hold my cock up. The other hand is trying to open the two lips of her cunt so that her rose-coloured cunt just faces my cock.

Then suddenly she sits on my cock. I feel my cock is going into her cunt, but not very deeply. Gradually, I feel the head of my cock goes into the warmest place in her body and goes in and out, in and out. I have a very comfortable feeling.

She holds my hands so that my cock can go into he cunt deeply. My cock goes very deep and in and out, and in and out. At this time, she completely lets go of my hands and holds her knees. Her body suddenly sits down and her ass completely sits on my cock. I hear a sound. My cock is like a very hard stick, and completely goes into her cunt.

I feel my cock deeply goes into the deepest place in her body. At that moment, I feel I'm in paradise. She only sits on my body for several seconds, and then she cannot wait. She moves her bottom and her cunt up and down, up and down. She makes noises.

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CW said...

What!! And to think I used to buy this paper for my grandmother (seriously - Chinese was the only language she read).

Was this published in English, by the way?