Monday, 12 June 2006

Today's a holiday, so after buying and reading the broadsheets this morning, I took a nap. Waking up just after 2:00 p.m., decided to buy some ethnic chow. Walked up Beamish Street to the Happy Chef Seafood and Noodle Restaurant, which is my usual resort when I don't feel like preparing my own food.

Sat in one of the new plastic chairs they've installed recently and got a menu. Ordered egg noodles with a side order of fried pork. They're pretty fast with the food up there and it arrived within five minutes. I polished it off pretty darn quick also. The 15-year-old waitress took my $8.50 and gave change.

I crossed the street to the two-dollar shop and picked up a face towel with which to wipe the inside of my windscreen in the mornings, when it's cold, and ambled into the Campsie Centre. Picked up a pack of smokes and checked out the newsagent's shelves, but the selection of magazines is not very encouraging. A downside to the multicultural nature of this suburb: they carry newspapers in Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Greek, Arabic, and what-not, but the mags are shocking. Not even The Economist, Quadrant or Vanity Fair, although they do have Quarterly Essay.

But further down Beamish Street in the other newsagent they had an old copy from March of The Economist, so I picked that up.

The sun is out today and the temperature around 17 or 18 degrees C, I reckon. Nice day for a stroll. But I quickly returned home.


Ron said...


You don't need that right-wing rag Quadrant. ;-)

The latest Quarterly Essay (the June issue) is a good one.

Dean said...


I like Quadrant. Even though the editorial is quite right-wing they're unapologetically Australian in outlook, and they cover a very wide range of topics: from education to law, from history to health. And they publish new fiction. There are few magazines that are so readily available and so good for you.

TimT said...

Go for The Spectator. The fact that it's right-wing is neither here nor there; the fact that it's funny, can be got the world over, is published weekly, and is still going strong after a hundred something years should be recommendation enough.