Sunday, 15 November 2020

Dream journal: Thirty

This is the thirtieth in a series of posts chronicling dreams I have had. As usual, the date shown is the date the dream was captured. This is usually the morning after the night the dream took place. You can’t wait very long before capturing a dream because it soon disappears from memory.

13 May 2020

Dreamt I was staying temporarily in an apartment in the Sunshine Coast – or somewhere warm like that, it wasn’t clear – and the woman who had let me use the place had gone off to an appointment when I discovered I had locked myself out.

I was dressed in a T-shirt and tracksuit pants and I didn’t know what to do. I had left my mobile phone in the unit so I couldn’t call the woman. There was also a sheet of paper with her details written on it, but I didn’t remember where it was. 

I went to the office on the ground floor of the apartment building and spoke with a young woman there but she couldn’t help me as she didn’t know who I was. 

I needed some form of documentation to prove I was the tenant of the apartment so I went outside and changed out of the tracksuit pants into jeans – I knew I would have to confront someone in the course of the process of getting access to the apartment, so I wanted to look neat and tidy – and went in search of the piece of paper. 

I had an idea where it might be (next to a road, past the lawn I was standing on) so I walked up a slight knoll with, ahead of me, a large, bunker-shaped concrete structure like the stairwell of an underground facility. I went around the left side of this protuberance and walked down the incline toward the road (there were no cars on it) but nowhere could I see the piece of paper I was searching for. 

Then I was walking up the road toward the same spot, this time from the west (if, before, I had been walking north). There were a number of old people walking on the road which had, to help people walk if they were frail, a railing set into the left-hand side of the footpath, and I overtook a couple of people walking in the same direction as me, in the Australian manner (on the right-hand side). 

I went up some flights of steps and when I got to the point I had been approaching earlier I saw, on the grass, the piece of paper I had been searching for. Triumphant, I picked it up and tried to carry out the next phase of my plan – a plan I had envisioned prior to starting my first sortie – which was to get someone to help me to open my apartment door. 

With this in mind, I continued to the left, and found the real estate agent’s office in a different building. I spoke with the young woman there and she listened to my story, then printed out a form and told me to take it to the ground floor of the apartment building and show it to the receptionist there, which I promptly did. This person took the form and agreed to give me a key but said something sharp about my earlier appearance, mentioning a different form that she had made in order to report me. When I replied she said, “What did you expect?” and then said that the form – like the one I had brought from the real estate agents’ – was called an “ET” form. 

I said something under my breath as I walked away. I don’t remember getting into the apartment, but I do remember feeling jubilant as a result of the success of my mission, which had been accomplished.

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