Friday, 3 July 2020

Dream journal: Twenty-four

This is the twenty-fourth in a series of posts chronicling dreams I have had. As usual, the date shown is the date the dream was captured. This is usually the morning after the night the dream took place. You can’t wait very long before capturing a dream because it soon disappears from memory.

13 April

Dreamt Australia was being invaded and New Zealand was coming to our aid. A giant aeroplane like a Imperial cruiser (from ‘Star Wars’) was flying over the coast at South Head, white stars set in a row on a black background that was painted across the hull. The giant airship was accompanied by a range of smaller airborne vessels.

Then I was down by the harbour (where I grew up in real life). I was a captain or some kind of middling-ranked officer in the army and I was with two people, one of whom, a woman, was younger than me. We were patrolling the coast of the harbour to gauge how far the enemy forces had advanced on the country’s borders. At one stage – it was dark – we were in a car driving down a very steep hill, at the bottom of which was a sharp left turn. The woman was at the wheel – the man, who was older than me, in the back seat – and as we approached the turn I said something about how acute the angle was that the road made. She acknowledged my remark, saying something like, “I’ve got this.”

The traffic on the street we ended up in was heavy so, to keep moving, the three of us ditched the car, going off on foot to reconnoitre. I was sluggish in my movements and the two others, who I could see as a dark outline up ahead on a steep hill I was climbing that contained a road and a footpath, disappeared. I kept going however, and eventually the others rejoined me. The woman darted off and the older man stayed with me, helping me to negotiate the obstacles in our path.

At one stage we came across a gorge with, beside it and slightly to the right, a ridge made of brick and concrete, which flanked the footpath of the road that was laid out even further to the right. The three of us were heading down a hill. The gorge in our path troubled me, and though it might seem strange that I was in the armed forces even though I have a fear of heights, but I didn’t dwell for a moment on the incongruity. The older man leapt onto the ridge and hastened apace down the hill, while I dithered, scared of the yawning depths of the cavern in front of me. In the end I, too, jumped onto the ridge and got onto the road.

Later, I was climbing a rock, musing to myself that, if this had been Australia (in the dream I had suddenly materialised in New Zealand, where I have never been apart from a flight layover in Auckland) there would be spiders to contend with, and I felt lucky that there were none. I saw that the climb was taking longer than expected, and then a mesh ladder caught my eye, on which a black cat was climbing. I swung to my right and grabbed hold of the mesh, which had some sort of sticks set in it as rudimentary rungs, and started to use that to get up to the top of the rock, so that I could rejoin my team. I woke up as I was struggling to make headway up this odd contrivance I had invented in my unconscious mind. As I slowly progressed the cat fell off!

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