Friday, 5 June 2020

Dream journal: Twenty-two

This is the twenty-second in a series of posts chronicling dreams I have had. As usual, the date shown is the date the dream was captured. This is usually the morning after the night the dream took place. You can’t wait very long before capturing a dream because it soon disappears from memory.

23 March

Dreamt I was in my office on Tokyo (I worked at Yamatake Co Ltd from 1992 to 2001) and the unit manager was Aida-san. In real life this man was my unit manager for a short time in 1997 or a bit later.

In the dream he had got me a desk close to his, right next to it, in fact, suggesting that I would be the next manager once he retired, but there were two new employees. One was an older man with a bald patch on his head, and he was sitting near the front of the floor space used by our unit. The other new arrival was a younger man with black hair and dark features who was sitting behind the older man. Equipment that was on his desk surrounded him as he sat there.

I sat down at my desk and there was a printer directly in front of me. In fact, there was no workspace at the desk because this device was in the way. Just to the left of the printer was an Apple Macintosh that was not switched on.

My first priority for the new day would be, I realised, to find something to do. They had taken the job of writing application reports away from our unit (this happened in real life) but it wasn’t sure what had replaced that work so in the dream I decided to take out a subscription to an English-language newspaper. I had a copy of one on my desk and I looked for a way to subscribe, but on the back page there was only a URL.

The next thing for me to do, I realised, would be to move the printer and then turn on the Apple Mac to see if it was connected to the internet. On the desk I didn’t have much room to work with – everything was jammed up against everything else, and there wasn’t even room for the printer to sit in its own space on the desktop – so I decided to move the printer first. Then I woke up.

28 March

Dreamt I was in my office in Tokyo and I had two places of work, one downstairs in the PR group (see previous dream) and one upstairs in a corporate policy area.

For the second job I had a task that included going to the bank to set up a new savings account. I was delaying things, as I sometimes do when I have been assigned a discrete and important task. I had to get back upstairs by a certain time, get something translated, then get back to the street and over to the bank by before 6.30pm. I knew that a bank employee was working back specifically on account of a need to accommodate me and my errand and I had been told to see her before the end of the day. It was already 6pm when I looked at my watch and I still wasn’t upstairs in my office where the assistant manager (in real life named Mori-san) was still, I knew, working.

The problem of speed was compounded by the fact that, to get upstairs, I had to jump from the top of one object to the top of another – a crate, a piano, a cupboard, all lined up in a kind of rough circle – to make my way there. Another problem was that I was wearing work shoes with slippery leather soles. So I kept jumping and sliding around and getting more and more anxious as time went on.

All the while I was looking at this long letter that had earlier lobbed into my downstairs in-tray. I knew it had to do with the company I was in the process of helping to set up. I also knew I would have to, at some stage, type the letter into a computer. The letter was written in blue ink on four or five sheets of lined writing paper, in perfect English but in a cursive script that would be, I surmised, hard, in places, to decipher. It wasn’t clear to me if I’d have to get this task done before going to the bank. But at least I knew I’d have to get back to my upstairs office first before I could know what to do! Added to the puzzle was the fact that, regardless how many obstacles (making a kind of stairway up) I jumped onto, I got no closer to the upstairs office area with each circumnavigation of the interior of the building completed.

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