Thursday, 7 November 2019

Dream journal: Eleven

As usual, the date shown is the date the dream was captured. This is always the morning after the night the dream took place. You can’t wait very long before capturing a dream because it soon disappears from memory. There aren’t any journal entries for September; in that month I started a course of medication to deal with anxiety, a fact that may have led to the dreams stopping temporarily.

30 August 2019

I remember part of the last segment of this dream. I was in a wetland that had a river or stream flowing through it and I was trying to get down a slope to a path that had rushes and grasses growing on either side of it. The path looked well-trod and it looked as though it was paved with pebbles or rocks offering a firm base for the feet of walkers. The path led to a small cliff that I jumped down from onto a slab of rock, like a shelf, beyond which was the stream flowing placidly. I walked to my right along the stream, looking for signs of life.

I felt as though I were the last man in the world. When I came to an elbow in the stream, beyond which I was not able to walk, I saw some fish in the stream and this sight reassured me that there was other life in the world. A large, white fish was swimming near me but I could not touch it. I bent down and stirred the water next to the bank with my right hand, and as I did so a cluster of small, black fishes came toward my hand, evidently looking for food. I repeated this action several times before I turned away from the stream to go back in the direction whence I had come.

7 October 2018

I saw the following recount on Facebook on 7 October 2019. This is because the site reminds you, on a regular basis, of old posts, which you can then choose to repost if you want to show them to your followers again. This post hadn’t made it into the first post in the “dream journal” series that appeared on this blog on 13 November 2018.

Dreamt that they were bringing people back to life after death. The dream started with people installing angle grinders into a structure that could then be submerged to take it down to where the caskets containing the dead bodies were kept. I was evidently then using scuba gear when I saw the first dead body: that of a dog. The skin had completely come off its head but I patted it on its skull anyway. One by one the dead bodies were removed from their protective caskets, including that of Einstein, whose hair was still full and rich and whose face looked a bit worse for having been buried for many decades. He was still recognisable however.

15 October 2019

I hadn’t had a dream to remember for so long, but on this morning I had a faint memory of a dream the night before that involved me explaining to someone – I don’t remember who, or even if it was a man or a woman I was talking with – my theory about the rise of the power of the West. I remember that I had started to explain about the invention of computers – the day before I had had a conversation in my unit with two people about precisely this subject: computers – and then had been about to go on to explain about the Humanist project, but then something had happened to stop me continuing my peroration. Or was it not a dream at all? Was it, perhaps, that I had, during our real-life conversation, decided against putting forward my pet idea out of a fear that I might bore someone? Had I just imagined, awake, saying something and then, later, imagined that it had been a dream? I shall never know.

29 October 2019

Dreamt I was on a horse that was negotiating a set of stairs. I had to get down to the bottom of the stairs because the authorities had closed a road that might have taken me to where I wanted to go, and the horse and the stairs were the only way for me to get there. The horse was light brown and it had a shaggy mane. The stairs were made of metal and there were railings installed along the way that were attached to the scaffolding holding up the structure. I grabbed the railing with my hands at different points as we made our way down.

Initially, I didn’t want to go on the horse and said something like, “There’s no way I’m going down there on this horse.” But the horse was already negotiating the top step by the time I had a chance to utter these words, so I had to commit to the descent. The horse had its own mind made up and, for good or ill, was determined to negotiate the steep staircase that lay in front of us.

As we made our way down the incline, I heard the sounds the horse’s hoofs made as they struck each metal step, one by one. The angle that steps were set at seemed impossibly acute to me perched, as I was, on the animal’s back. I was terrified but, on the other hand, I had confidence that the beast would be able to do what it had set itself as a task to complete. When we arrived at the bottom of the stairs I sat waiting on the horse so that my companions could catch up.

1 November 2019

I had a dream during the night but in the morning I couldn’t remember anything from it. I did however remember waking up in the dark, or at least partly gaining consciousness, and thinking to myself, “I had a dream, I wonder if I’ll remember it in the morning?” then going back to sleep. Later, near bedtime, as I was using my browser, which hanged, interrupting my online activity, a scene from the dream flashed through my mind.

In the dream, of which I now remembered parts, I was in San Francisco – a city I had visited for a day or two in 1978 during a trip I took with my family to the US – and there was a busy road. I was trying to cross but many cars were streaming down the hill. I was facing up the hill – the road was to my left – and then a group of children coming home from school were on the footpath beside me. They ran into the street and dodged between the rushing cars, all of them reaching the opposing kerb safely. I had tried to cross the road but the volume of traffic had prevented me from doing so.

After that short episode, I went into a playhouse, right next to the road, where a performance was shortly to begin. I met with a woman who had arranged to meet me there; she was with an organisation I knew about but, in recalling the dream, I don’t remember anything about it. The two of us were in the theatre’s lobby when we met each other and there were chairs and couches for guests to use. We walked to the far side of the lobby, talking about something.

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