Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Dream journal: Ten

As usual, the date shown is the date the dream was captured. This is always the morning after the night the dream took place. You can’t wait very long before capturing a dream because it soon disappears from memory.

28 July

I dreamt I was trying to get a job with Yamatake. In the dream I actually sold a couple of the industrial measurement and control instruments they manufacture, one to a client that wanted to measure the flow and concentration of suspended solids in effluent. The effluent was made up of biosolids that had been treated so that the toxins had been taken out, and this was being mixed with water. There was another application but I don’t remember the details of that one. Even without any training – I was not an engineer when I made these two, small sales – I had managed to get a foot in the door with two new customers.

They didn’t give me a fulltime job straight away, but instead matched me up with a man who was a manager with the company. He was a fairly senior employee and he was independently wealthy (his father had traded shares and he as an only child). He let me sleep in a camper van in the front yard of another employee, a family that had a child. I could use the van as my residence while I worked in one of the company’s factories. For the record I worked for Yamatake Corp in the 1990s.

30 July

I dreamed I was made the manager in an organisation as a result of my manager leaving it. The role had something to do with the US Navy and its visits to their defence counterparts in Australia. I had to help communicate information about the visits for the to the broader community. But when the ships came I was sidelined and was unable to do what I thought was my job.

I got in touch with my ex-manager and he agreed to visit the place to see what was happening. But when he got there he just walked around for a while and then left without talking to anyone. There was a group of large men, some of them overweight, sitting around a table near the front door to the complex. I had to carefully place my feet to make sure my path over the floor was reliable because the legs of one chair were sticking out into the passage. I didn’t interrupt the people at the table by asking the man sitting in it to move his chair, instead taking it upon myself to negotiate the difficult passage that had been created because the number of people at the table was too large for the table to accommodate.

I understood that my ex-manager wouldn’t have been able to do anything to help me and I understood that there were security concerns that made my bosses cautious about what information they released to employees like myself, but still I felt put out and disappointed that I wasn’t being included in the discussions surrounding the defence force visits that had started to take place.

3 August

This was a long dream but only part of it remained after waking. I was in a large house near the edge of a cliff and there were parapets, fences, railings, and gates all over the place to keep people safe. But there was a demonic baby that wanted to jump off the cliff and it tried and failed several times to get over the final railing before the plunge to the water and the rocks below. In the end, I went along behind the thing as it hopped from a wall to the top of a fence to a patch of grass. I seem to remember there had been a party on and I was invited. For some reason, the baby became the major focus of my attention and after a few futile attempts it managed to get itself into the right position from where it could jump into the air from a railing separating a small enclosure from the vacant space in front of the house, and disappear from view, its back curved and muscular, its head pointed down and forward, all of its will aimed at one result: self-annihilation.

I should add, in an effort to explain this strange dream, that I had had a bit of trouble getting to sleep for a few nights before this one. I would lie down and as soon as I was horizontal my heart would start going fast, making it like I was having a panic attack. This scared me as I had had heart surgery in January to correct a fault in the organ. The day before the night in question I had had lunch with a friend in a pub but I hadn’t drunk any alcohol. Even after getting home I stayed off the grog. The result of this abstemption (is that a word?) was a hassle-free bedtime. I explain the suicidal baby as alcoholism aborted.

16 August

Most of this dream escaped me after I awoke, but I do remember being in a flying machine picking up a person who, in real life, used to be a friend of mine on Twitter. This person, who is an older woman, had become very popular and I had practically stopped talking with her. In the dream, I was hovering over a broad expanse of water where grasses grew, or bulrushes, and she was standing on the ground waiting for me to arrive. In the machine I was controlling, I dipped down to where she was and picked her up, transporting her away with me.

19 August

Dreamed I was at work in a place where software was made. I had a work tool on my PC that was designed to look like wood. Unfortunately, it was also all written in Japanese (I worked in Japan from 1992 for about nine years) and I couldn’t understand what was written in the menus. There was a work function on and a guy who, incongruously, I used to go to school with, asked me to sit with him and his friends. His name was Guy Parker and, in the dream, most of which resembled my time with Honeywell in Sydney, he was very popular. Guy Parker of my school days was in fact a cerebral type who had his own close group of friends but who wasn’t broadly popular among students in our year.

I hurried over to the entertainment centre and walked around for a while in different areas to look for the others. One area I went into was shaped a like an amphitheatre and in it were seated people who had disabilities. They were on the seats in the theatre when I walked in and after looking around a bit I walked out to find my friends. In another area of the building there were seats set up that looked like bar stools, so I guessed that this was the right area to be in. I walked along until I saw Guy Parker and some people sitting at a table, then I had to find a beer. The others all had beers in front of them on the table except for a girl in a dress who had something else in a glass.

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