Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Dream journal: Five

As usual, the date shown is the date the dream was captured. They have to be captured immediately otherwise they fade from memory.

27 December

In was at the office operated by Honeywell (where I worked in real life from 1989 to 1992) and I was moving my desk from one part of the company to another. The move meant I was going from a small unit to a part of the building that served the whole office. My position as desktop publisher was unchanged, but my role would now be expanded because I would be doing the work for more people. The computer equipment that I would be using would take up the space occupied by a number of regular-sized desks and I asked the person who was looking after the move if there would be enough room for all my equipment. She said there would be. My first job in the new role was already waiting for me; it was a large document that had to be entered into the database so that it could be published.

Then I was somewhere in SE Asia and I was inspecting ore samples that had been brought out of the ground by people from the Philippines. The ore was golden in colour and I had to give my opinion about it, and say whether it contained a lot of the metal the company wanted to mine. On one side of the sample there was a kind of national crest stamped in brown ink. I turned the small piece of ore over in my fingers but I didn’t have a clue about its metal content. People were waiting for my reply and there were a lot of dignitaries from different countries milling around waiting for an event to start.

29 December

I was helping an old friend to build a house. The formwork for the concrete was all in place and I was supervising the pour. Everything seemed to be going well until later, when the builder found that I hadn’t put the hardening agent into the concrete. The concrete had not set and so was still liquid. I was very upset by this development but my friend was livid, and told me that he would not do something for me that he had agreed to do. This was a terrible outcome from the situation, but I don’t remember now what he had promised me he would do.

30 December

At my work unit in Tokyo corporate management had decided to change the unit structure and I was sure that I would not be considered for the role of manager. I wondered if the new manager would be a colleague who had been hired before me. Then I learned that the unit would in future be run by a man who had worked at a company specialising in the production of words. He was an Australian but he had a Dutch name (I thought) that I didn’t know how to pronounce. I looked up a newspaper report about the posting and it turned out that he had managed a company that his daughter had set up in Tokyo. I made an entry in my mobile phone because it was late in the evening (around 10.30pm) and I had been looking for and failed to find someone to call. His face filled the screen of my contacts; the phone was an early digital one, one of the kinds that was used before smartphones became popular. I would put in his phone number on a later occasion, I mused to myself as I looked at his features.

3 January

I dreamed I was with the police working in an anti-terror squad. We had to monitor the activities of Muslims and we were stationed at a swimming pool. I had on a harness and was attached to a rope that allowed me to abseil down to the pool in case of an emergency. The people we were monitoring had come to the pool because lots of people used the facility, and we had to stop the plotters from carrying out their plans. There were lots of them and we had a busy time of it. I had a good relationship with my senior officer, who thought I was a valued member of the team.

Then the scene changed and I was walking up a four-storey unit block in Cabramatta with a female officer who had a Vietnamese background. She was taking me up to the top of the building so that I could jump off it. But I had never jumped off such a high place before, and when we got to the roof of the building I refused to jump. My senior officer was there too and he told me that he had never jumped off such a high place before, either. Then he jumped, with his guide rope attached to the scaffolding that was erected on the roof of the building. He zipped down to the ground and I looked down from the roof, filled with terror. Would I have to jump too? 

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