Sunday, 9 December 2018

Dream journal: Three

This is the third in a series of blogposts that chronicle dreams I have had. With some dreams, I can revive the memory just by focusing on a single element, for example a scene or an idea or a feeling. Other dreams disappear as soon as I wake up. As always, the date shown is the date the dream was captured.

2 December

I dreamed I was examining the driver’s seat of a car and there I found a number of electrical leads that were attached to something hidden in the padding. I didn’t look further however until, later, someone took the fabric cover off the seat and discovered a listening device had been installed there. It turned out that a policeman had put the device in the seat and as punishment he would go to jail. Then there was a real estate opportunity where in order to take advantage of it you had to use a website and subscribe with a monthly payment using your credit card. Instead of buying apartments in the development you subscribed to it in instalments and could take advantage of capital gain in that fashion. But other people there didn’t like this arrangement and told me so. One of them, a young woman who did ballet, made it clear that she would remind me of the thing that separated us on every available occasion, and this made me fearful. There was a multicoloured statue that had an abstract design and that pulsed with rainbow colours and this somehow represented her disdain in physical form.

4 December

I was in the downstairs part of the family house I grew up in, the part where my granny and us boys slept. In granny’s area, which comprised the front room where the TV was as well as a bedroom she used that had an en-suite bathroom attached to it, we were installing new toilets. This was in the front area that was adjacent to what was called the “rumpus room” (that had the pool table in it). There was already a toilet installed in the front area, against the wall behind which granny’s bedroom was located, but we were thinking about putting in another one against a different wall. I actually saw a toilet set up on the floorboards near where the TV was in real life. This toilet looked different from the one that was already installed, the one that had the pipe at the bottom going to the sewage system. This one had a wooden seat and lid and a pipe that went around in a loop at the front and that was attached to somewhere inn the floor. I didn’t know what the purpose of the pipe was but the discussion was around whether this new location for a toilet was suitable. I finally decided that since there was already a toilet installed in the room (this was in addition to the toilet I knew was already there in the bathroom in the en-suite) we didn’t need another one put there.

The scene changed and we were in a street. There were posters on billboards showing Scott Morrison, the prime minister, and then I remembered that he had been the CEO of the company I used to work with in Tokyo. The name of that company in real life was Yamatake. Here I was looking at magazines that we had published with stories about the CEO and with cropped images of his face. I studied one image, where his face had been trimmed so severely that it had been cut in half by the cropping, which had been done in an artistic fashion, and thinking that now he wouldn’t be very pleased with what we had done to his face on the page.

9 December

I was back in the office on Tokyo (where I worked during the 1990s) and I had been sent to the section that took over the English language PR role in the company, which my group had once looked after. I was just visiting and saw all the men and women at their desks working. Then I returned to my section and I was sitting at my desk when I started to feel sleepy. My manager had come to the office in the morning. I looked at my watch and it said that the time was ten o’clock, but I knew it was after lunchtime. I looked outside but it was still light, so I judged that it was 10pm. I wondered by it was still light but then got up from my desk and left the office building, and headed for a shop where they sold watches. I sat down at a table and waited and a woman came around with gifts, some of which she put on the table in front of me. There was some cash and some other objects, the use of which I understood at the time I was dreaming but which I have forgotten now. I said something about maybe buying a new watch and an older woman came to stand in front of the table I was sitting at. She started to loudly make a sales pitch, taking my careless remark for a promise to buy a watch. I needed a new battery but when someone came over to help me none could be found to fit my watch.

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