Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Dream journal: Two

This is the second dream journal published on this blog. I have to capture the memories early or else they dissolve into oblivion. There are four entries in this post. The date shown is the date the story was captured.

16 November

Dreamed I was with mum (who died in July 2016) and we were in Queensland and there was an election on. We were at a polling place and I had my car but something was missing and I couldn’t find a signal to receive the radio broadcast. There were more images than this but the details have broken up since I got out of bed and I cannot remember everything as it happened. Later, I was in Sydney and it was an election as well and I was driving to the polling place but they wouldn’t let me in. I had to prove I was a journalist to get in. Even then, it was impossible to ask questions. They had set up a website where you could log in to register as a journalist and to ask questions of the candidates but the interface wasn’t working properly and I found it very hard to work out how to ask the questions I had. The journalists were listed in the interface according to their party affiliations and I couldn’t work out which party I was meant to support although I remembered that mum had wanted to vote for the Greens.

18 November

I dreamt I was staying at a house in Germany that was owned by a young couple and there were also people who from Honeywell Software Centre (where I worked from 1989 to 1992) working there. The house became more and more crowded as more people came in to do work on the contracts the couple held. In the end there were so many people that the only way to move from one part of the house to another was by walking over the top of desks that were lined up in a row between cubicle dividers.

The guy who I was working for took me to a cubicle where his food was kept. He opened a cupboard and from a shelf low down near the floor he pulled out containers full of vegetables. This was his lunch. He offered some to me but I declined, saying that the people who owned the house were giving me food. I went to have a shower in another cubicle because the bathroom was full of people. This cubicle had small plastic shower attachments stuck to the cupboards that had been installed in it. I pressed a button on one of them and some water came out desultorily, but not strongly enough to actually wash yourself. This was the cubicle that granny (who lived with our family when I was growing up) was also using, and she objected to me washing there and stormed off in a huff, complaining about me to a young woman who was with her.

Then I was in a car trying to get home but I couldn’t find the way. There were bright-coloured, plastic Nazi banners with iron crosses on them, on the ground, and I wanted to collect one to take it back home with me as a memento. More and more people got in the car until it became hard to drive. The cap of the gear stick eventually came off because I was cranking it sideways so violently. As I came to the top of a slope, I was surrounded by old factories, and a man signalled for us to get out of the car and go to where he stood. There, we started to ascend a metal contraption that led upward – the direction we wanted to go in – but it came to an end suddenly and I woke up.

21 November

This was a strange, long dream, during part of which I was getting around bookshops picking out magazines that I thought contained fiction good enough to be published as novels. I had a stack of one magazine in several issues that had numbers in an unbroken series that I wanted to recommend to the publishers. But then I was travelling on train tracks in the English countryside. It was not Australia, it was too green and lush. I was right on the train tracks, with my arse next to the rails, and I was travelling at speed facing backwards. I could see the tracks next to me rushing past and the green hills receding into the distance. I was on the way to meet up with my military unit but I didn’t want to go there. Then I was suddenly turning around and going back home, even though I knew that this would get me into trouble. I met different people on the way, some of whom were, like me, getting out of their obligations. We shared a sense of solidarity.

23 November

I only picked up the last part of this dream. It was the end of an event where food had been given out to people and there was food left over. I had to package the food so that it would be easy to distribute and so that it would not spoil. I worked out with the help of a man there that the salami that I had was made of vegetables, and he showed me how to put it onto pieces of white cardboard and how to seal it under plastic using a machine that was there. I also had a lot of boiled broccoli and I wondered how that would be distributed and if people would want to eat it. I asked someone about it and they said that the lambs would eat the green parts only.

People were setting up the food and the bottles of wine that were left over from the event on big plastic sheets that had been laid out on the ground next to rows of plastic chairs for people to sit in. I went along the rows that had been marked on the plastic sheets looking for the correct row on which to leave the bottle of white wine that I had left over. But when I looked on the bottle there was not appellation information telling me which grapes had been used to make the wine, so I didn’t know which row to put the bottle of wine on. Later, I was standing in front of a machine that sold big packets of sandwiches, some of which contained meat and some of which contained salads. I decided to buy a packet of salad sandwiches to take home with me.

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