Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Dream journal: One

This is the first in what is intended to be a series of posts on the blog that feature dreams I have had. It’s necessary to write them down as soon as you wake up because otherwise you forget them. I put these up on Facebook before collecting them here, so some people might have already read one or more of these. The first was recorded on 7 October, the second on 16 October, the third on 20 October, and the fourth on 24 October.

Dreamt that they were bringing people back to life after death. It started with people installing angle grinders into a structure that could then be submerged to take it down to where the caskets containing the dead bodies were kept. I was evidently then using scuba gear when I saw the first dead body: that of a dog. The skin had completely come off its head but I patted it on its skull anyway. One by one the dead bodies were removed from their protective caskets, including that of Einstein, whose hair was still full and rich and whose face looked a bit worse for having been buried for many decades. He was still recognisable however.

Dreamt I was in Japan and I had a Ducati. The bike was very modern in appearance, like the "clubman" style that became popular in the 1990s when I was living there. You see a lot of these retro remakes on the streets today. I had parked it on the street outside work but the office moved to a different building and when I came back one morning to get the bike, it had disappeared. I went to the security office at work and all the staff I could see there were from the subcontinent. I asked one of them if he could speak English but he didn't answer. Then the manager, a Japanese, arrived. He had white hair and wasn't really interested in my problem. The street where I had left my motorbike vaguely resembled New South Head Road on the west side of Edgecliffe, with its steep hill and tall buildings.

Had a strange dream where I was supposed to go to a training course and was in a lounge full of tables with people drinking and smoking. I wondered at the cigarettes and felt that it was against OH&S rules for staff to be exposed to all the smoke, but wrote it down to the people all being journalists and old school. I had an iPad and a mobile phone. On the iPad a message came from a staffer working for the company that was organising the training course, but I could find no way to reply to the message. I didn't know which room the course would be held in and she hadn't included that information in her message, which had just arrived a short time before. I opened a folder of promotional materials for the company and saw the details for the person who managed it. I tried again and again to type her phone number into my mobile phone but I couldn't get past the first four digits. A waiter who was talking to someone at the table behind me leaned on my chair and I told him rudely to go away. I went back to the mobile but then got a cramp in my leg and woke up.

I was playing tennis on an indoor court against an Asian man and he played very gently, barely getting the ball over the net sometimes. I tried to hit the ball hard in return but there was no power in my strokes. As the score approached the end of the match – it was 40-15 in my favour in the final game – everybody who was watching us play suddenly got up for their seats in preparation for leaving the court. They filled the court where we were trying to play, interrupting the match. I shouted at the people to sit down and used profane language in my passion but they just milled around aimlessly, making their way to the exit.

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