The topographical delineations of oceans and continents, islands and seas, rivers and cities, and the borders of the nation states that claim them as their own, intrigue me. I do love maps, so I have placed here a few striking examples I've found online over the years. To see a larger image just click on the thumbnail in the page.

McArthur’s Universal Corrective Map of the World. © 1979 McArthur. Map available world-wide from ODT, Inc. Also available in Australia from McArthur Maps, 208 Queens Parade, North Fitzroy, 3068, Australia.

Overlaying maps demonstrate the enormous size of the Australian continent; artwork by Mike Robertson.
"What if the largest countries had the biggest populations?" - JPalmz asked.
The True Size of Africa, by Kai Krause.
Map of undersea communications infrastructure by Greg Mahlknecht.
National Geographic map: Where and how we live.

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