Monday, 15 July 2019

Dream journal: Nine

As usual, the date shown is the date the dream was captured. This is always the morning after the night the dream took place. You can’t wait very long before capturing a dream because it soon disappears from memory.

24 April

There was a competition and the prize was a series of dinners cooked by notable chefs. I went along to one of these events and had some delicious food. For the second event, I asked the people organising the event if I could go to the restaurant the chef operated to eat by myself but this was not allowed, so I was booked in to eat a different meal. When I arrived for this event, there were people there from Scotland who were part of a wedding party. I talked with them for a while and they were eating some sort of pizza-like food outside in the area around two cars. They were very short and I told them I was Australian. Then I was eating a meal with Jeremy Clarkson and he was cutting up a piece of fish that looked overcooked. I wondered how he would rate the meal and I told him that next time he came to Australia we should get together and have some barramundi. He put some of the fish in his mouth and I saw a lot of bones were in it and I thought that he would do himself an injury. When he had stood up from the table I gave him my business card so that he would be able to get in touch.

27 April

I was at university but I wasn’t going to classes or doing assignments so it was uncertain whether I would pass or fail the year. It was looking more and more likely that I would fail spectacularly. Then I was working in an office and my employer sent me to buy the gift for the manager, who was leaving. I couldn’t work out why they had sent me, the newbie, and assumed it must have been because they didn’t want me to do anything else, and that they had just not wanted to flat-out fire me. I went to a bookstore but because I didn’t know the manager very well, in fact I had just started working there, I had no idea what to buy for her. I started collecting books. They had told me to spend about $150 on books. I got books of art history and some novels, and then all the other people who worked in the office joined me in the bookstore and we all collected books. In the end we had about $350-worth of books to buy for the manager for her going-away present.

Then Donald Trump was on TV talking about Walter Mitty and how the fictional character was morbidly obese and how he (Donald Trump) had had nothing to do with his (Walter Mitty’s) death. Then the scene cut to a very fat man in a dark-blue training outfit lying face-down on a grassy oval waving his arms around as though he were doing exercise. He has straining every muscle in an effort to get slim but he was so fat that his arms did not reach the ground. He waved his arms around and his face showed the strain of the exertion he was subjecting his body to. The camera panned around so that you could see his entire frame, and the futility of his undertaking was apparent.

26 June

I dreamed about blogging. The day before this dream my second Mascara Literary Review review had been published. In the dream I was talking with a woman who was the editor of the Guardian, showing her the things I write about on the blog, including book reviews. I also showed her some of the political articles I had done recently (although only in the dream world, not in real life) and talked about the Guardian’s Greg Jericho, who I compared myself with. The editor of the Guardian listened to me prattle on about all the good things that I offer and then the dream ended.

6 July

I was working for Honeywell and my manager asked me to go to his office one day. There, instead of giving me a promotion he asked me to leave the company. I was devastated. I then saw my father (who, in real life had worked for the same company) telling my grandmother, in memory, that he was going to ask them to let me go. I had to empty out my workstation. There was a cupboard full of my clothes as well as the desk drawers. I filled box after box with coats and scarves. Someone had even started to put their own clothes in the cupboard and I picked up a bottle of perfume that belonged to someone else and put it aside. I put a hat that was stained on my head, then took it off and put on a cleaner one. I thought that it would be necessary to get the dirty hat cleaned.

14 July

Was on the set of a film in which I was acting. The film was about racism and I was talking with one of the actors, a black woman, about the subject. Part of the dream had in it some police – this was all in the US, in some city or other, possibly New York – slandering the actors I was with on account of their blackness. There were offices that were fitted out with old furniture from the middle of last century. The desks were made of wood and there were filing cabinets in the corners. The actor I spoke with said that six billion seconds was equal to a specific number of minutes, but I don’t remember what that number she said was. The police who spoke with me as we were preparing the offices for the shoot were very racist.

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