Sunday, 10 February 2019

Dream journal: Six

As usual, the date shown is the date the dream was captured. They have to be captured immediately otherwise they fade from memory.

13 January

I dreamt I was in Japan (where I lived in real life in the 1990s) and I had a large motorcycle like the Ducati I used to own in real life in the 1980s. I was inside a shopping centre and the owners had closed off a door I used to use to get to the carpark. I got on my motorcycle with Aizawa-san (a man I used to work with in real life) and we went off through the corridors of the place looking for the way out. We emerged on a street and went along, with Aizawa-san on the back, pillion, until we got to a traffic light, where I stopped the thing. We were at the front of the queue of cars, but then when the light turned green there was a cyclist in front of us. I had not seen him arrive. I had the “footbrake” on and the handbrake as well, but I could not unlock the footbrake until I let go of the handbrake. (A motorcycle does not have a footbrake in reality.) Eventually I worked out what to do and we set off, right behind the cyclist on his pushbike.

The two vehicles continued along until we came to a path and a river. There were two branches to the path: one leading left and the other leading right. There was no sign on either branch and I asked Aizawa-san to ask someone which path we should take but he refused, saying that I should ask myself instead. I asked someone which path we should take and it emerged that the baseball game the two of us were heading to would be held on the other side of the river, which meant that we should take the right-hand path.

I tried to see how this could be done. The water level of the river was not deep but there was a tree growing near the start of the right-hand branch, which would make it difficult to get the large, heavy motorcycle past so that we could use the path, so I decided to put the motorcycle into the river until we got past the tree, then lift it up onto the path. But after getting Aizawa-san to help me push the motorcycle through the water to the desired point, getting my shoes and trousers wet in the process, it became clear to me that it would be impossible to lift the heavy machine up the four feet or so of wall to get it back onto the path. I woke up then.

17 January

I was working at a firm and my manager was an old English teacher, Mr Aubrey. I had not been promoted and this had caused me some pain. But my manager clearly wanted me to be his right-hand man as he had organised a play to be performed and he had suggested a particular role for me to play. I was to write the number of the character, that was printed on a sheet containing all the characters’ names, onto a piece of paper then cut out the slip where the character’s name and number were written. But although I knew which character my manager wanted me to play, I read all of the character names and decided in the end on a different character to play. I still could not find the number that I was to put on the sheet of paper however. A lot of the characters were Chinese and I wondered what kind of play it would be.

Then I was walking with my manager around the building where different employees were relaxing after lunch. There were two women talking to one another in what I thought at first was Italian but I rather thought it was really just accented English.

25 January

This dream was dreamt on the day I got out of hospital, where I had gone to have a ventricular tachycardia diagnosed and corrected. I had an electrophysiology study and ablation done that was successful but the aftermath was very painful. I left the hospital in a cab on the day after the procedure, and went to bed early.

I was making stories in my dream that had to do with melons and pumpkins. I was trying to work out if the ones that were watered using irrigation or the ones that were watered merely from precipitation were bigger and better. It seemed important to know but I couldn’t get most of these stories going. The surgery aftereffects mean that I could only sleep on my back or on my left side. Sleeping on the right side was too painful. I worked on these stories one after another for hours and hours as I tossed in bed trying to get comfortable. And in the end I couldn’t answer the question I had asked. Were the melons better than the pumpkins?

28 January

This sequence came at the end of a longer dream that I have forgotten. I was in a river and I had to survive a succession of floods and droughts. The river would flood for a while and I would be almost submerged, I knew, then it would empty of water and I would be dry in the mud. I wondered how I would survive such treatment until, all of a sudden, the river I was in suddenly began to fill with water and I had to stay afloat. It was difficult to breathe but I managed. As I made may way along the waters, I felt eventually that the level of the waters was subsiding, and I realised that it was being taken away and that eventually I would be able to walk on the muddy riverbed.

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